Aroma coffee roasters

Aroma is a small coffee roaster located on Quadra Island off of Vancouver Island. We are committed to the culinary arts and traditions of small-scale food production and subsequently roast slowly in small batches to enhance and preserve the complex flavours of some of the finest beans from around the world.

We enjoy living in a small community where life is a little slower and simpler. Doing business is with your neighbours and sustainability is about supporting one another. We believe small-scale economic development is an important way to think and live in small communities. It is a way that we would like to preserve for our families, neighbours and other communities up and down the coast.

Aroma Coffees - Specialty coffee roasters – Fair trade Coffee - Quadra Island Aroma is interested in sustainable and responsible economic development ideas locally and globally. In offering you Organic and Fair Trade certified coffees, we provide ethical consumer choices that support small communities on our coast and further abroad in the coffee producing countries. It is our hope to lessen the gap between the Southern and Northern hemispheres, the rich and the poor.

At Aroma, we spare no effort in the selection of our green beans, the roasting process, and the quick distribution of the freshest coffees around. And if that wasn’t enough….our personalized custom services offers customers an infinite variety of roasting styles, blends and packaging options. Each coffee varietal roasts differently and we work hard at developing ultimate roast profiles. We roast slowly, in 5-pound batches coaxing out the individual characteristics of every varietal. We constantly strive to bring out the best in our beans and take tremendous pride in passing this on to you.

 All of our coffees are 100% Fair Trade Certified and certified organic

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